Ahamad Sulehri

Captured in a feverish trance, I watch him sat in the dark corners of the dining room, devouring the raw flesh in Saturnal ritual. The left arm gapes from between his white mane, head and right arm already consumed by his madness.  His shape becomes infinitely more animal. Unable to bear the sight I leave hurriedly, tripping out of the front door and onto the sidewalk.  Fluttering fingers dance upon my stomach, push and caress me from under my skin. They crawl through me, occupying body and mind simultaneously. The notion of time is gone as I travel though the thousands of ornamental windows that line the streets. I am drawn to the red door which opens to a flood of beer and soothes my thirst, allowing me to see clearly once more. Extended through the arcade are lines of tables filled with swaying bodies. Each table, lit with a single candle, captures the glistening hairs and bony corners of mouths. Morsels of food are sliced and pulled and ripped off the plate, and carefully, with surgical precision, enter into gaping mouths. Teeth gnaw and tongues flick out and capture any residue left on lips. Each bite builds the edifice of civility. I am pushed into a dark corner watching the ritual of dancing knives and forks, and the anxious humming of light conversation. As the beer begins to wear off, my meal is placed in front of me. In the corner of the plate the green and purple and rosy flesh of figs dance. Around the split quarters lie scattered seeds of pomegranate. I pick one up, carefully placing it between my front teeth. With a burst its red blood stains my tongue. The sharp juices mix with the saliva as primal hunger mixes with a momentary revelation; a sensual beauty hidden within the red pith, indivisible from the object and the hunger, that cracks open the rind of the fruit. The body and mind, for only a moment, occupy a singularity. In that moment I become infinitely more human and infinitely more animal.



Mark's Walk

Julius Dennis



Saturn Devours Pomegranate Seeds

Oscar Perri


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On Break

Various Contributors